Malignant melanoma can be very serious. It can grow wide and deep, and it can spread to distant parts of the body.

Malignant melanoma:

  • is on the rise in the US

  • can be life threatening — it is estimated that over 7,000 people will die of melanoma this year, and the majority of those deaths will be in men

  • arises in moles on the skin 30% of the time, and 70% of the time in a new spot

  • is usually, but not always, related to sun exposure

  • is treatable, and becoming more and more treatable each day

Malignant melanoma, the good news and the bad

Bad news first:

  • Melanoma, when invasive and deep at detection, is a serious condition that requires highly specialized medical care

  • Melanoma causes more deaths than any other form of skin cancer

  • Using tanning booths, having had blistering sunburns, and having many moles increase the risk of melanoma

The good news:

  • When detected and treated early, melanoma is usually curable

  • There have been many advances in melanoma treatments. Even people with deeper and higher stage melanoma are having longer survivals and much greater qualities of life.


The ABCDE’s of melanoma:

The warning signs of melanoma can be detected on your skin. Remember that “E” means “evolution” or change. If you have a spot that itches, is bleeding or growing and has changed color, get it checked! Contact us if you are concerned and would like to see a dermatologist.

Meet Harriet:

Harriet’s story started in our office, and in this video, she recounts her journey, from skin biopsy to the detection of metastases, to her treatment, and, the joys of living through the ordeal. Our favorite part about this story is that it was videotaped in 2015. Harriet had metastatic melanoma and, thanks to advances in melanoma therapy, is over 13 years cancer free!