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Accutane is a drug for the treatment of acne and severe acne. Accutane is used only as prescribed by a doctor if other medications have not been effective. The reasons for special caution with the drug Accutane are side effects, which occur in 95% of cases of use of the drug.

The medicine's beneficial effect can be described in just a few lines—in some cases, Accutane can stop the development of acne and normalize the condition of the skin after 1-2 treatment courses.

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Accutane indications

Accutane may be indicated for use in nodular and cystic acne, where the risk of scarring and fibrous tissue formation is greatest. However, laser therapy cannot be prescribed to remove acne scars immediately after a course of Accutane treatment. You must wait at least six months.

During treatment and 6 months after, you should be very careful about the sun and do not sunbathe. The drug is not recommended for use during puberty in adolescents. The effect of the drug has not been fully studied.

If Accutane is taken by pregnant women, in 99% of cases, severe pathologies of the fetus develop, associated with disorders of nervous activity and brain development.

The effect of the medicine on the mature nervous system is not so pronounced, but when students take it, they experience a decrease in academic performance, inability to concentrate, and problems with remembering information

The effects do not disappear immediately after stopping the drug; recovery takes several months.

Contraindications and side effects

The side effects of Accutane are similar to those of other isotretinoin medications. Complications after taking them concern the condition of the skin, mucous membranes, depression is possible, many complain that their vision has deteriorated from Accutane.

Night vision is mainly affected, but in some cases, a general deterioration of vision may occur. This is due to drying of the mucous membrane of the eyes and insufficient hydration.

Vision problems may continue after you stop taking the medicine because the damage is physical. It is necessary to ensure sufficient hydration of the eyes and stop using contact lenses for a while.

When taking Accutane, the skin may peel and crack. If the skin is not too oily, the medicine's complex effect will cause it to lose its natural moisture. Peeling and skin irritation are standard side effects.

Dryness can lead to cracking on the lips and mucous membranes. This applies to the mucous membranes of the nose, lips, and eyes. Possible problems with gynecology in women.

Hair falls out on the head and body. Hair loss while taking Accutane is due to the drug's overall effects. Simultaneously, with the decrease in the functionality and physical reduction of the sebaceous glands, which can significantly reduce the production of sebum, the nutrition and size of the hair follicles decrease, leading to hair loss.

After completing the medication, the functions of the sebaceous glands with increased sebum production are not restored. The functions of the hair follicles are preserved, but often, the hair remains thinner.

Side effects are not an atypical or individual reaction of the body and cannot be considered complications after taking the medicine.

Direct contraindications to the use of Accutane are pregnancy or planning pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, depression, hormonal disorders, liver dysfunction, and alcoholism.

It is important for women of childbearing age to know that taking Accutane may reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. When taking the medicine, you must make sure that you are not pregnant and use a barrier method of contraception.

Accutane is an extremely difficult drug to use with many side effects. It may make sense to turn to analogues of the drug with the same active substance in the form of an ointment.

Accutane should only be used if other medications have not been effective against severe scarring acne. You should not take the medicine on a regular basis. After completing the course, you should take a break from taking it for at least six months.

The medicine should not be used against teenage acne due to its unstudied effect on the human nervous system.