Skin Cancer. Are you at risk?

At MC Medical, we see patients of all skin types and ages who have skin cancer. Skin cancer can:

  • hurt, or be painless

  • pop up out of nowhere, or start in a spot that you’ve had forever

  • bleed, or arise from a sore

  • occur on sun-exposed skin (it usually does), or in places that never see the sun!

You may be concerned about a spot on your skin, or you might have a concerning spot without even knowing it. Skin cancer awareness is important... It can save your life!

Are you worried about an existing spot on your skin? Contact us!

At MC Medical, we encourage you to check your skin — and that of your loved ones — especially if you are at risk:

What is your skin type?

The more easily your skin can get burned by the sun, the higher the risk.

Do you have a family history of skin cancer?

For most types of skin cancer, including malignant melanoma, genetics play a role.

Did you get sunburns or spend hours on the beach or work as a life guard?

Your activities now and in your youth play a role in the developement of skin cancer. If you have had blistering sunburns, you are at increased risk for skin cancer.

Do you use tanning booths?

Your risks of skin cancer are increased, and the increase with every single visit to the tanning booth. (Use spray tans!!)

Are you immunosuppressed?

A chronic illness that suppresses your immune system, or taking medications that suppress the immune system, can also increase your risk.