Regenerative PRP Therapy is the latest medical advancement proven to be effective in the treatment of thinning hair!

This procedure is truly a miracle of modern medicine: safe, effective and fast acting. Click below to find out if you qualify for PRP Therapy!

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Why Doctors Recommend PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma)For Thinning Hair:

  • In And Out Same Day
  • Does Not Involve Surgery
  • Helps Stimulate Bloodflow in Scalp
  • There Are No Drugs To Take
  • Fast Acting & With Little Or No Recovery Time!
  • Unlike Anything Else You Have Likely Tried
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Platelet-rich plasma is a product obtained from whole blood (patient's blood) that contains a significantly greater concentration of platelets over baseline, and has been shown across many fields of study to stimulate cell growth and tissue repair. PRP treatments are highly effective for the treatment of acne scarring, hair loss, and fine wrinkling around the mouth and eyes. They are considered a “low down-time” procedure that is effective and “natural”, as one’s own serum is used

Click below to see if you qualify for a Consultation for this life changing treatment.

Successful Patients In This Advanced Program Often Experience:

  • Hair thickening for the hair they had
  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Less Shedding of their hair
  • Usually shows amazing results after 3 or 4 treatments
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