Lamp For Haiti Month Continues!

Dr. Morgan with M.C. Medical staff

Dr. Morgan with M.C. Medical staff

Because of the incredible success of Lamp For Haiti Month here at M.C. Medical, we are pleased to announce its continuation through the month of May!

Throughout the month of April, M.C. Medical patrons were able to raise $1000 to go towards Lamp For Haiti's Spring Campaign. This campaign is helping fund children's health programs in Haiti, in particular: medication needs, nutrition programs for malnourished children, and health education in local schools.

M.C. Medical would like to thank all our staff, patients, friends, and patrons who continue to support us, as well the incredible work of Lamp For Haiti. To show our thanks we will continue the promotion throughout the month of May.

When you donate $100 or more to Lamp For Haiti, you will receive 20% off ANY cosmetic procedure.